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Hybrid IK for Unity: Preview

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Presenting Hybrid IK for Unity: A fast, robust, smoothly interpolating Inverse Kinematics solution for Unity which supports joint limits! It is a hybrid system combining the best of both FABRIK and CCD techniques to achieve smooth interpolations along large ranges of motion subject to joint limit constraints. - Author Swing Twist and Hinge Joint Limits, which are live editable - Constrain End orientation - Add stretch limits, with local x,y,z stretch bounds adding a positional IK component - Add manual position and orientation constraints upon joints along the IK chain. Finally, Hybrid IK for Unity supports authoring Keyframe Pose constraints, which creates a mapping between authored keyframe poses and end target positions which will guide how the joint chain interpolates as the end target moves, effectively parametrizing the space!

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